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The Core of the Workshop Experience

I’m hearing some folks who couldn’t join the Q&A ask this question:
What parts of the workshop do I need to commit to?
The current schedule / Weekly Cycle for the Shared Ownership workshop is this:
    1. Sunday: Prompt for the week released by 7:30am ET

    2. Monday: Large Group Gathering, likely 12pm ET / 9am PT

    3. Tuesday: Post is due

    4. Wednesday: Learning Group Meeting, 9am ET or 12 ET or 8pm ET (alternate time may be available)

    5. Thursday: Comments are due

    6. Saturday: Reflection Scripts are due

CPA - Shared Ownership Workshop - Weekly Cadence (1)
We’d like everybody to commit to joining the “Learning Group” (five people) meeting times on Wednesdays (choosing the time they can commit to for the 4 weeks of the workshop).
The large group sessions (on Mondays, final time will be determined tomorrow July 22 and shared in a welcome email) are optional.
In other words, we’d love you to join the workshop, if you are committed to showing up and doing the main bodies of work:
  • 1. Writing a post each week
  • 2. Showing up to your learning group meetings ready & eager to learn & grow & develop the posture of shared leadership & change-making
  • 3. Comment on at least 4 other peers work each week
If you are ready to show up and do those three pieces each week — we’d love to have you.
The other parts of the workshop (your reflection script which seals the learning; the large group sessions which help you build relationships across the workshop) are less essential to the core of the workshop experience… though we very much encourage them to get the most out of the experience.
Apply by June 21 at midnight local time.
And to be clear… this workshop is about advancing your own work — whatever project(s) you’re working on right now. The hope is to give you space to write about that work in response to our weekly prompts — and receive (and give) generous feedback.

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