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Pushing our Definition of Impact

Morgan Simon has been pushing the definition of impact in the oft used phrase “impact investing” for many years. Her definition and principles have helped Elizabeth Garlow and I immensely and many of the Catholic asset stewards we work with. I was grateful to record a conversation with her this afternoon, where she surprised me in how encouraging she was of faith investors. Here’s a quote from the very end of the conversation (minute 25 if you want to just start there):

What I saw in working with religious investors — was a deep love for people — and an ability to manifest that love through investment practice. That in itself was spiritual work.

~Morgan Simon @ Minute 25

She then continued on and concluded that this work from religious investors….

It makes a stronger field for everybody.

Morgan Simon, Funding Partner of Candide Group offers a beautiful look at what her 20 years as an impact investor has been like and what she’s learned. She summarizes the key principles from her book “Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change” — and which she’s gleaned from her time starting as student activist at Dartmouth, to her stewardship of Candide, which done more than 100 deals and deployed more than $170 million in transformative impact investments. 

Most powerful for me was the last few minutes where she describes the power she feels when working with faith investors — ones that really bring their love for humanity to the work. She tells a story about how we need to lead with our authentic selves — and paints a picture of how some investors offering to be subordinate to others, can create catalytic opportunities.  

You can listen to our conversation at: as well as below.

(Note: they also tell me it should be available in “directories” for podcasts wherever you find your podcasts — but I haven’t been able to validate that myself yet…. if you do find this in Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Stitcher or similar — please let me know!)

Without further ado here is the conversation:

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