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I just got off the phone with Matthew. He’s the third person in the past couple weeks where in my follow-up email I included roughly the same set of videos, slides, and links.

9-min video where I share my personal journey, about how I was looking for a “safe” alternative to the stock market that also had meaningful growth upside. Then I share how I used a “self-directed IRA” — a tool you can also use to move 403(b) or money you have in an IRA…

Why is this important?

As much good as charitable giving & philanthropy does… it’s really just a drop out of the $1.7 Trillion foundation asset bucket.

Which is dwarfed by the $27 Trillion in the U.S. Stock Market.

Why Livable Future Investing?

Part 1: Simple Carbon Math = Unlivable Future — Why “Livable Future Investing” – 3 min video

It’s vital to start with some simple carbon math that I narrate in the video (start at time stamp 0:14 for about 60 seconds):

  • 2 degrees C
  • 35 GT / year
  • 225 GT – our remaining carbon Budget
  • 2,600+ GT — the amount of carbon that ExxonMobile and the other major oil & gas companies plan to produce. It’s the Proven Reserves that they have that make up a meaningful portion of their “market capitalization” which is the valuation that our stock ownership in them is based on… It also shows how our current markets (and the growth of our current investments) continues to create an increasingly unlivable future… unless we decide to change.

Part 2: Pitfalls with Conventional Finance – 16 min video (the slides I rushed through tonight)

Part 3 & 4 forthcoming on CST & Beyond Capital Supremacy…

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Looking for a Financial Advisor?

One Financial Advisor I recommend for folks looking to build wealth but also do “Direct, Impact, Alternative, & Local” investing: Balanced Rock – Hendrix Berry –

If you’re looking to transition $2 million or more — then Chordata Capital may be a good fit.

This open-source “Zine” from Chordata on is fantastic.

Investing in the Solidarity Economy

What does investing in the Solidarity Economy look like? What kind of financial infrastructure is needed to redistribute wealth and power?

Ideally, it looks like investing in a financial commons or loan fund that is controlled by the community members, grassroots movement or local organizers you trust. That fund could invest in cooperatively-governed commercial real estate, a Black trans-led pecan milk cooperative, indigenous-led financial institutions with visionary leadership and more!

Looking for Community?

The Next Egg — emerging from great work out of the Sustainable Economies Law Center — is trying to build a community:

America’s retirement investment system is broken.

There’s $29T in US retirement accounts, and it’s mostly locked up in Wall Street mutual funds, pension funds, and insurance funds that subsidize extractive multinational corporations and build wealth for the already ultra wealthy.

We want to change that.

Crowdfunding and other recent changes in the law make it cheaper and easier to invest in local businesses (which make up 60 – 80% of the U.S. economy!), projects, and people. Self-Directed IRAs, solo 401(k)s, and employee-directed 401(k)s are underutilized tools that facilitate this.

Join our community of practice. 

We want our retirement and workplace savings plans to sustain the thriving of all life by funding ecosystem restoration, locally-owned businesses, alternatives to policing, and so much more!

Together, we navigate legal barriers, co-create resources for public awareness and education, and use collective buying power to bargain for affordable financial products.

We strive together to help you access the best—and least expensive—tools for localizing tax-deferred savings.

If we succeed, we can shift trillions of dollars away from Wall Street and into our beloved local farms, cooperatives, and other enterprises that actually sustain our communities and planet into our retirement! – Join them or email Valeriya and tell her I sent you and she can get you into the community for reduced rate / trial basis….

Another community where you might find some kindred spirits wrestling with bridging the gap between Rich and Poor and Black and White and working towards a more liberative future: Resource Generation

Got Class Privilege and Want Social Justice?

Resource Generation is a multiracial membership community of young people (18-35) with wealth and/or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power.

A few older posts that may be of interest:

My Money Transformation in 8 steps

My Investing Turmoil — how I got started in this — my feelings about it all – Medium post

Catalytic Capital, Rethinking Portfolio Allocations + Return Expectations

Places you might want to look into:

  • Kachuwa Impact Fund – an Investment cooperative that is like a mutual fund in that it’s diversified, but anchored with 60% real estate. I like it because it feels balanced… and targets meaningful returns for what I’m looking for. Liquidity: 7+ years minimum hold.
  • CNote — 2.5% interest –  this invests in community development and women-led & women-owned enterprises. — highly liquid — you can take it out when you want it
  • RSF Social finance ~1% –— where you as investor can join a quarterly community pricing gathering and together with Borrows re-set interest rates… it blew my mind that banking could look this way…
  • Felipe’s Resource Library here (it’s a bit overwhelming — I plan to make it less so over time… I’m just getting started…)
  • Essential Knowledge for Transition — Marco Vangelisti is one of the people that has shaped me and my thinking on investing the most over the last 4 years. His courses are unparalleled in their critique of conventional finance, and practical re-thinking of how we move to no-harm and regenerative investing.

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