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Ugh… Laudate Deum just kicked my butt

So much to chew on with the release of Francis’ new exhortation: To start with I’m offering this quick video reflection after my first read because I want to make a public commitment to you. There are no lasting changes without cultural changes. There are no cultural changes without personal changes. I love how […]

Making Reparations Practical

I know this is a daunting question. I’m going to try to make it practical with 3 steps and 3 concrete invitations. Weds, April 7, 7pm ET: “Exploring how congregations might re-imagine their assets when long term sustainability is no longer an option.” with Rev. Dr. Sidney Williams – click here to RSVP and/or join) […]

Let’s Re-structure Capital’s Extractive Role: Let’s Use Co-ops

If we can re-structure capital to be in a non-extractive position, we can re-make business as an engine for human and ecosystem flourishing. As our culture evolves to more deeply appreciate the endemic nature of system oppression and ecological devastation, leaders will increasingly be looking for structural solutions.