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The Stories We Tell our Kids

I believe that stories change the world.
The stories that we tell ourselves.
The stories our culture feeds us.
The stories that we tell our kids.

Once in a while, a new story breaks through.
Sometimes it even sticks in the back of my head.
It does it’s quiet work there.
It unconsciously shapes me.

When I read Audacious Ignatius, the bold perseverance stuck out.
I believe it could be part of why my daughter has persevered so joyfully
through all the transitions and challenges of the past year — and boldly confronts the world with hope each day.

I’m pre-ordering 8 copies of this new book by my college roommate:

Sorin Starts a School: Notre Dame’s Mission and It’s Master Tactician.


I want my son to live boldly such that his life might give rise to a new institution of formation.
Anything I can do to potentially increase those odds — that’s a good investment.

Allow me to save you the hassle of picking out a new book next time your cousin, colleague, or neighbor has a kid.

Give the gift of a story that might pierce through the noise.

Who knows… it might change the world.

You can see inside this book about the Founder of Notre Dame by clicking here.

Stories of pioneering figures — persevering through uncertainty are more important than ever.


Take a glimpse inside more pages of the book and order a copy by clicking here

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